2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

NEVBD is excited to announce that our 2021 Annual Meeting will be hosted virtually on 12 January 2021! Use this page to access program information and registration for this virtual event!

Event Registration

Join us for this virtual conference event hosted through the Zoom Platform!

Tuesday January 12, 2021, 8:00am - 5:00pm EST

Register here!

Program Agenda

Our tentative agenda is now available! We may make small adjustments to this agenda as we approach the meeting date in January. Any updates will be made available promptly.

NEVBD 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Agenda

Tips for Using Zoom

Quick Note: The best way to participate in any Zoom meeting is to make sure your version of the Zoom App is up to date. 

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Joining and Participating in a Zoom Webinar

Joining a webinar manually: If you would like to join the webinar manually rather than using the link sent to your email address, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for the webinar using your preferred email address
  2. When you are ready to join the webinar, go to zoom.us
  3. Select ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the webinar ID.
  4. You will be sent back to the registration form for this webinar - that’s okay! Just fill it out again using the same email and select ‘Join Meeting in Progress’.
  5. You will then be connected to the webinar through the Zoom App.

Zoom Resources for our Presenters

Zoom Help Center

There are many additional features and tutorials available through the Zoom Help Center