Vector Biology Boot Camp

The Vector Biology Boot Camp is offered by the Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases to provide hands-on learning opportunities in vector surveillance program operations.

The program is designed for vector-borne disease professionals working in the Northeast, covering tick and mosquito species of medical importance to this region. Ideal program applicants include professionals whose job duties specifically involve vector surveillance and/or control.

Current Program Offerings

We are pausing our in-person component of the Vector Biology Boot Camp for the time being, with the hopes of offering it again in 2023.

In lieu of our hands-on program, you can access recorded presentations from the 2021 Virtual Vector Biology Boot Camp available through the Cornell Video on Demand service. Simply complete the user registration form below to gain access to these recordings.

Vector Biology Boot Camp Recording Access Form

The 2021 Virtual Vector Biology Boot Camp covered the following topics:

  • Arthropod Biology & Behavior / Major Regional and Emering Diseases
  • Mosquito and Tick Collection & Processing Methods
  • Data Management & Analysis, Mapping, and Advanced Spatial Statistics
  • Taxonomy of Mosquitoes and Ticks
  • Vector Control for Mosquitoes and Ticks
  • Public Health Communication
  • Vector-Borne Disease Diagnostics
  • Pesticide Resistance Monitoring and Mosquito Colony Maintenance
  • Monitoring for Metastriate and Ixodes ticks
  • Regional Networking Opportunity

Program Highlights

Hands-On Training:

Attendees gain hands-on experience in the latest methods for field collection and identification of medically important ticks and mosquitoes in the Northeast region of the US.

Expert Instruction:

Vector Biology Boot Camp instructors have over 500 years of cumulative experience in the fields of mosquito and tick surveillance, identification, and control.


Attendees have multiple opportunities to engage with colleagues and counterparts from across the region, as well as interact with our team of vector-borne disease expert instructors.

Program Essentials:

The Vector Biology Boot Camp curriculum covers the essentials of maintaining a vector surveillance program, including methods for data collection, equipment considerations, and best practices for communicating with the media and the public.

Program Impact

The Vector Biology Boot Camp Workplace Impact Assessment was published in summer of 2020. This brief report provides a summary of how program attendance has influenced workplace operations for attendees to the 2018 and 2019 Vector Biology Boot Camps.

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